Thursday, June 23, 2011


I recently asked why Obama's adoring throngs still love him and answered my own question today. They appear to be oblivious! I had lunch with my very close friend, a Liberal Jewish woman. She is  passionate about what's going on in her town, but when I asked how she feels about what's going on in the country, and Israel, she covered her ears and shouted "No, no".. she didn't want to hear ANYTHING! I casually questioned if she knew any basic non-political news such as tornadoes, floods or fires, and she knew nothing about anything. This is what I find with all my Liberal friends. They either partake in no news at all or read the New York Times or watch MSNBC and NPR. President Bush is regularly blamed for the economy President Obama inherited, yet Obama and most Americans seem to have conveniently forgotten that Democrats took power in Congress in January 2007. It's easy to feel good about President Obama when you don't know the damage he is causing, or the destruction the Liberal agenda has perpetrated on our country. 

Now our economy hangs by a thread. In January 2009 the U.S. unemployment rate was 7.2%. Today it is 9.1%. Under employment is 18.6%, and long-term unemployed is staggering. We all see prices rising at the grocery store and gas pump. Our debt has risen to a crushing $14.4 Trillion, and by the time you read this it will be higher. The $61.6 trillion in unfunded obligations amounts to $528,000 per household.

The Congressional Budget Office, CBO, just issued an ominous report on debt, indicating we could be on the verge of a ‘Sudden Fiscal Crisis’.  I fear where we go from here.

As Obama promised in advance,    EPA regulations will cost the coal industry $200B and cause electricity rates to skyrocket.

President Obama has routinely betrayed our allies and appeased our enemies.  His treatment of Israel has been shameful, and his administration is freely giving Russia sensitive  information about missile defense that weakens U.S. national security. Do Liberals not know this or just don't care? and how is it possible any American doesn't care??

Communists in America are bolder than ever, seemingly with no fear of retribution from this administration. Is anyone concerned that hate-groups in our midst publicly call for overthrow of our system?

According to a RAND report, Iran is just weeks from the Bomb. As we hear cries of "Death to Israel! Death to America!" President Obama seems to think they're kidding, he just has to be nicer. We can only pray America survives Obama's foolish policies.

Nothing to see here .. America, go back to sleep ..