Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have many Liberal friends. You probably do too. With my Conservative friends the sky's the limit. We can talk about anything.  With my Liberal friends we talk about our kids, mutual friends, clothes, restaurants, coffee at Starbucks, shopping, anything that doesn't approach news of the day or anything political. But let one of us innocently bring up the slightest hint of the day's news, and before you know it all hell breaks loose.

We see things so differently. They read the NY Times, watch MSNBC and listen to NPR. I watch primarily Fox, listen to talk radio, and read a large variety of prominent blogs. I feel I am fairly well informed, they feel they are well informed. Yet, I notice they know little of what is really going on in America or the world.  On the rare occasion we allow ourselves to get sucked into an actual discussion, they use the occasion to blast Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann etc, calling them crazy lunatics or something equally profound.  No specifics required, just virulent name calling.  They are in love with the likes of Olbermann, Schulz, Maddow, Maher, Matthews to name a few, and hang on their every word, with no notice of the vitriolic hatred they spew.
I wonder if they have heard even just a few of the news stories I would have expected would have shocked them and begun the process of opening their eyes. But they never mention them. Have they not heard of the WikiLeaks cables which revealed a secret deal in which US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets ?
Perhaps they missed Wikileaks leaked cables detailing: 'Al-Qaida on Brink of Using Nuclear Bomb'  As Obama envisions a world without nuclear weapons, he seems to overlook the threat posed by Iran, Al-Qaida, North Korea .. According to Harvard's Niall Ferguson in a recent MSNBC interview, President Obama is "one of the least experienced men in terms of foreign policy ever to occupy the White House .. "
It seems President Obama is unaware of any danger posed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has just applied for political party status in Egypt. As the Muslim Brotherhood calls for Sharia law and war with Israel, only time will tell how Egypt will look a year or two from now. Unrest is growing throughout the Middle East, and Iranian warships are about to pass through the Suez Canal, showing the growing confidence of Iran.
We recently learned that Obama's drilling moratorium is causing a major company to go bankrupt, due to the sharp decline in Gulf drilling work. Yet the Obama administration didn't hesitate to finance oil exploration off Brazil.

In another Obama record, U.S. debt equals the size of the U.S. Economy. Dick Morris published a chart by Ruth S. King detailing The Damage Obama Has Done. This is an eye-opening disclosure that the media has been largely silent on. In 2008 Senator Obama opposed  forcing the uninsured to buy health insurance, stating it would be like forcing the homeless to buy homes. Now in 2011 he's hoping we won't notice he was for it before he was against it now that he needs it to prop up Obamacare. 

Millions of Americans thought a Community Organizer with amazing Teleprompter skills would be the savior of the world. The media fed this absurdity, and the public bought it hook, line and sinker. Do the Obama voters feel foolish today? Polls indicate many still cling to their rose-colored glass version of him.

I don't dare discuss this with any of my Liberal friends for fear of losing dear friendships. But the world is growing more dangerous daily, and the facts must get out before the 2012 election, or sooner if possible. Otherwise our children and grandchildren will never know the freedoms we take for granted ..