Sunday, October 17, 2010


Do you expect our Presidents to be dignified? Do you look up to our Presidents, past and present, as people we want our children to emulate? Do we want our Presidents to be people of principle who command our respect? Should the President of the United States have admirable characteristics our children could aspire to, such as honesty and integrity? Do we want our President to mean what he says and say what he means? Do we believe that a person of character's word should be their bond? A promise made, a promise kept?

Where are we today? Is our President conducting himself with dignity? Do we admire him? Do we want our children to aspire to his character traits?

Do we expect our President to look out for the entire country, be President of ALL the United States? Or just the favored special interest groups?

Should our President be a partisan pawn, flailing around in public, accusing one person or group after another, blameshifting, demonizing, finger pointing and finger wagging? Would Ronald Reagan or John Kennedy have displayed arrogant, partisan, frantic allegations, or would they rise above party politics? John Kennedy asked what we could do for our country, not what we could do for him. Is this what President Obama is asking?

Most Americans don't' care about the color, sex, or ethnicity of a president. We do care about the content of character. Let's remember that before the next election!