Monday, February 11, 2013


I remember a conversation at lunch in early 2008 with a Liberal friend. She "detested" George W. Bush. I admitted I liked and admired him. She was convinced there was no war on terror, that President Bush was using the imagined danger to make Americans think only he could save us from the terrorists. She is a New York Times reader and was sickened about the torture at Abu Ghraib. I recall her vehement statement:"We don't torture".  Therefore, waterboarding terrorists (deemed "torture") to gain intelligence that could save American lives is, of course, forbidden by the Left. (Let's not think about the part that played in the Bin Laden kill that Obama took all credit for.) My Liberal friends love President Obama, oblivious to the double standard that should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see. Apparently dropping drones on heads is morally superior to waterboarding. I don't have a problem with drones taking out terrorists. I DO have a problem with the jaw-dropping hypocrisy of the Left!

I still get together with my liberal friends. The long-time friendships are deep and hopefully always will be. We talk about our lives and our kids, but a mention of any item in the news and the conversation deteriorates into a frosty "gotta go now".

When I asked opinions about Benghazi, none ever heard of "Ben Gozzi" and none wanted to know. These are not unintelligent women, but they have NO IDEA what is going on in the world. To call them low-information voters would give them credit for more information than they actually possess, considering what they do know has been distorted by the far left media.

Shall I fault my friends for not caring enough to seek the truth, or the media for twisting and feeding them false information?  The real question is: Is there any way to reach them? Is there ANYONE they will listen to? If so, could that someone be Dr. Ben Carson, extraordinary, brilliant neurosurgeon with an inspiring come-from-poverty life story? His speech at the National Prayer Breakfast has generated talk of drafting him for the presidency in 2016.

After Dr. Carson's amazing speech, the media is already likely at work trying to dig up anything they can twist against him. This is what they do, unless you fit their far left ideology.

But how do YOU feel about someone who dares speak the truth about American values and our foundation as a Republic? Can Dr. Ben Carson be the unique individual to unite ALL Americans and bring common sense back to our beautiful country? I don't know if Dr. Carson is the one, but I pray God will raise up someone to lead our country back to the principles we were founded on. Will you join me in this prayer?